58-year-old Grandma Strikes Back with Fantasy Cosplays That Changed Her Life

Let’s start by saying that Marina Badianova is a young, young grandma, and a very creative lady who lives her life to the fullest. 58-year-old from St. Petersburg started her cosplay journey back in 2015 and met a lot of kind friends and artists during these years. Marina liked picking interesting outfits for her daughter’s photo sessions and similar occasions, and eventually, she caught the eye of some young photographer who asked her for a Kodak moment that changed her life. Excited and terrified by the opportunity, Marina wanted more, so she started doing some photo sessions of her own, and her hobby grew on from there. Creating cosplays in the themes of steampunk, history, folklore, and fairy tales, and more to come, has been life-changing. With a help of a few photographers and young cosplayers, Marina’s hobby became her second chance at a career. Being a former student of Yulia Sobolevskaya “International Center for Cinema Professions” film school, Marina thanks to her cosplay art has even scored a minor role in a historical drama. She picks her materials from second-hand stores and flea markets, places where she ‘finds treasures for a penny’ as she likes to say it. It’s funny how life can suddenly change, and often for the better.

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Photo credits: Marina Badianova

Steampunk, history, folklore, fairy tales… Marina Badianova does it all!

58-year-old grandma who’s only getting younger by the day/cosplay.


“Young cosplayers bring positive energy into my life and give me some tips about posing and other stuff,” Marina shared.

Marina is an inspiring young grandma and a wonderful creator.


She’s a chameleon. Her cosplays even helped her get a minor role in a historical drama.

Marina shares her knowledge and even shares her tips and tricks for free.


She finds great happiness in sharing her cosplays and socializing with people who really appreciate her art.

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