Colorful 3D Paper Sculptures by Lisa Lloyd

UK-based, Lisa Lloyd is the multi-talented artist of the highest order. She’s a creator of these lovely animals and flowers made in three-dimensional geometric paper shapes. Lisa finds her inspiration in nature, as well as fashion, interiors, and graphic design. She’s fond of patterns, symmetry, color, geometry, texture, and gives special attention to details. Through her amazing career she had been working in animations, music industry, she’d been producing logos, branding and doing creative collaborations. Jetstar, Elle Decor Italia, Asahi, Niquesa, Waitrose, The Guardian, RSA, BBC, Comic Relief, Sony, are just a few of her clients. Follow her Instagram and visit her official site where you can find her store and purchase prints that are shipped worldwide.

By multi-talented artist Lisa Lloyd


Lisa loves patterns, symmetry, color, geometry, texture, and details.


Her work was featured at Milan Design Week

Incredible meticulousness

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